Friday, October 7, 2011

The Beard Hat

So I saw this pattern for sale... and didn't want to buy it, but thankfully I found the free pattern.  So for all my fellow crocheters, here is the Beard hat pattern. 
Free Beard Crochet Pattern courtsey of Gumbo Soul:

Start by making a beanie. Any beanie. There are PAGES UPON PAGES of FREE crochet and knit patterns for all different sorts of beanies all over the web, so for goodness sake, don't buy those either.

I used a bulky yarn (5,6 on the bulk scale) and a K hook, but I think you could use this same principle to make one with less bulky yarn and a smaller hook, just add/subtract stitches accordingly. My husband is my model in the pic. He has a kind of teen-agery face, but this hat also fits my dad who has a very manly face, so this will fit a teen-adult.

If you want it to be fitted, it helps to have the beanie and the person it is for handy, at least until you figure out your basic sizes, which I haven't done yet, so this won't be an exact pattern, but a good formula to base your own off of.

Chain stitch
DC- double crochet
HDCD- half double crochet decrease
HDC- half double crochet
Slip stich
SC- single crochet

I started by chaining about 25-27 stitches. I put on the beanie, and then chain stitched, stopping every now and then to stretch my piece across my upper lip to where it would connect under the beanie about an inch on either side. For my adult face, this was about 25-27 chain stitches.

DC- back across, one DC in each stitch. Chain 2 and turn.

DC in next Stitch. HDCD across the next two stitches. Repeat across. When you get to the end if you have two stitches and are on HDCD, finish it out. If you only have 1 stitch left and are supposed to DC or HDCD, just finish it with a HDC. Chain 2 and turn.

DC in next stitch. HDCD across next two stitches; repeat across. Chain 1 turn.

SC about 6 stiches across. Again, put your beard up to your or the person's face to determine how far in you want to go. This is where your mouth hole will be, so SC into where you want the hole to begin. Then slip stitch across to the same number of stitches from the end. For example: I did 6 sc, slip stitched until I got to the 6th stitch from the end and then SC the last 6 stitches.

Chain 2 and turn.

DC across the SC stitches (in my case, 6). Now, count the number of slip stitches you made in the previous row. However many there are, chain that same number of stitches and then DC across your last SC (in my case, the last 6 stitches. Now you have a nice hole for your mouth to be in. When you get to the end, do not tie off, but continue stitching around down the side of the beard.

I alternated DC and HDCD down the sides of my beard to take it in a bit. This helps the bead to "cup". When I got to the bottom of my beard, I continued around the bottom with a SC until I got to the other side where I DC and HDCD up the side. This brings you up around to the top of your beard. You can finish of the top by SC across the top that goes across your lip, but I didn't feel the need to, so I just tied off and weaved in the ends. You should have a nice beard now that is sort of cupped where it will hug your face.

Crochet your favorite type of mustache either directly onto the chain stitches across the top of the mouth hole, or crochet it separate and stitch it on using coordinating thread and a yarn needle. Attach your hat to your beanie by stitching or crocheting it to the under side of your beanie, going up about an inch underneath the edge. Alternatively, you could make it removable with buttons if you so choose.

Adjust your number of beginning stitches according to the size you are making and the bulk of your yarn.

The DC across.

Then alternate DC and HDCD across the next two rows.

Then SC into your mouth hole, slip stitch across mouth hole, SC to the end

Then double crochet to mouth hole, chain across the mouth hole, SC to the end.

Then double crochet/half double crochet decrease down the side.

Then SC across the bottom of beard.

Then double crochet/half double crochet decrease up the side

finish off.
add mustache
attach to hat.

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Long time, no post

So, I had disappeared for a while.  I know, surprise, it has been 2 months (as of yesterday).  But no more.  I'll be posting new and unusual crafts, as well as some just plan regular fun crafts as we go along!

Looking forward to the craftiness we will be getting into!

Crafty by default,