Thursday, July 28, 2011

Clothing everywhere!

So in my search for new clothes to fit my smaller body (Yay! Having lost 35 lbs in the past 6 months!), I have decided to go back to my sewing machine.  Of course it needs to be fixed, so I'm trying out clothing ideas that I can hand sew or no sew at all!  So this is the first of several clothing projects that are on my list of things to do until I can get the sewing machine fixed.  

This week's clothing was a vest/wrap.  All it requires is stretchy, non-raveling fabric (about a yard/ yard and a half), measuring tape, and scissors.  This is literally the easiest NO SEW project you can do!

  • First, always make sure you wash your cloth before using it.  You don't want it to shrink up on you later!
  • Then lay out your cloth on a smooth, undisturbed surface (a bit hard if you have cats, but remember YOU are the Cat Pack Leader ;}).
  • Measure from the top edge (where your collar will be) six inches.  Then from that point mark six inches down (going towards the middle of the fabric).  Mark the spot and measure a 6-9 inch line (this will be your arm holes.  length is decided by how big your arms are).
  • Cut the line for your armhole (make sure to cut even, straight lines).
  • Put it on!  Your new Wrap is done!

Thanks to Behind the Seams for this great idea!

Crafty by Default,


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