Friday, July 15, 2011

Ingenious Friday! Old keys

Today's Ingenious Friday is all about Keys!

We all have them, old keys from locks, doors and what not that we either don't need anymore or don't remember what they are for.  I know personally, that I have at least 2 keyrings full of keys that I don't use, will never use again and I would love to do something with them. 

So here are some ideas for those spares that will never be used again:
  • Make a windchime
  • Use as jewelry (either turning it into a ring if big enough or as a charm)
  • Make into wall art using canvas and wire and whatever else you want
  • Use in a mobile
  • Sewn into the hem of your shirt/skirt/dress to weigh it down properly.
  • Use them as stencils or stamps for other projects. 
  • Paint them and use them for whatever you want!
So what is your ingenious idea on using old keys?

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