Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Going crazy with Leftovers!

So, today while at work, I decided that I was going to try something new.  I realized that I had tons of yarn left over from other projects: blankets, scarves, a poncho.  But there isn't enough for those colored bits of yarn to make a whole new project.  At first I was thinking to start a granny square block box, but then brillance occurred.... Or maybe one of my many special crazy moments.  Thus the name of the next project I'm going to work on is call a crazy afghan. 

So if you have never seen a crazy quilt, they are unique quilts with bits and pieces of fabrics (no shape, size, or stitch is the same) that are sewn together.  Most are made from scraps from other projects.  Since I have so much yarn, but not enough to make a whole new project, I'm going to try and make a crazy afghan using the leftover yarn and different crotchet motifs. 

So, in the next few weeks/months, we shall see how it all goes.  But this idea begs me to ask, what do you do with your little bits of leftover yarn?

Crafty by Default,


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