Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pentagon Granny Squares and other things to do

So here is my first attempt at a pentagon granny square.  I think it looks pretty good.  Actually now that I made it, I'm thinking about making a few that will look like owls (doesn't the shape kind of shout owl).  These squares are going to be for Baby Blanket # 4.  Still looking for the right pinks to go with the browns, so more updates are coming.

Other things going on in the crafty world of Cana:  Going to try to make a dress from scratch, with just the pattern in my head.  I know, crazy, but it will really make sense later.  It is going to be like a pillowcase dress/top (very popluar), only the dress is going to be longer and I'm going to make a belt that will cinch it at the waiste.  I'm experimenting with a solid white cotton cloth that I had from another left over project, so I'll see how the idea works out.  Below are some sketches that I  drew of the potential dress. 
Finished product

Before the belt.  (The blue lines are stitches, the red lines are edges.)

Crafty by default,


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