Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Coolest Headphones EVER!

So on my favorite unique website, I found the perfect headphones.

And I wanted them!  But $40 for headphones, that was unrealistic to my poor wallet.  So when in doubt, find a pattern.  This proved harder than I had thought it would be.  First of all, all the patterns online were only for the ear portions, NOT the actual headphones.  So I did what any good arts/crafts/crazy person would do:  I made my own pattern.  

Though the headphones online had a bow, I decided to try something different:  A flower
I used a pentagon granny square. (2 rows)
Then I half-crocheted around the center.  To make the pentagon look more like a flower, I then sewed the sides down, leaving the points as the petals.  

Final Product:

My flower headphones, so I can look cool while I listen to my music.

The pattern is pretty easy, even with me just fooling around, it took about 8 hours total to pop one out.  I hope to later blog the pattern.  Just comment below if you are interested.

Crafty by Default,


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