Saturday, July 9, 2011

Searching Saturdays begins today!

So, it is the weekend, a time where if you are bored, you go searching the web.  So I decided to share with you the sweet labor of my craft searches on the wonderful WWW.

These cute sandals by the Nap time Crafters are so cute, I am waiting for a friend to have a little girl so I can try making them myself!
Then Two Crazy Crafters inspired me to try canvas art, and not just in using paint.  Anything goes for creating (and re-creating) your own canvas art.
Finally, Freebies for Crafters lead me to the Haul It Floor Mat.  Perfect gift for parents, or at least I think so (but you can't always know if you are a single woman with no kids!)

So on this weekend, what will you be searching for?

Crafty by Default,


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