Friday, July 8, 2011

Ingenious Friday!

Ingenious Fridays are all about using something that we have been dying to use, but can't come up with a good idea to use.  This can be anything from left over popsicle sticks to cat liter boxes/jugs.  Whatever the item, we want a crafty way to use it.

Today's Ingenious Friday item is:

Scratched, broken, and pretty much unusable CDs

So what can you do with a broken, scratch or just plan unusable CD?  According to some small children, throw it at others, but besides that there are many great ideas on how to use a CD. 
  • Make a clock face out of the CD
  • Make a Crackle Clock (Link on crackling your CD)
  • Make them into Ornaments
  • Make them into a book
  • Make a mobile out of them

So here is my question for Ingenious Friday: What will you do with your old unusable CDs?

Crafty by Default,


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