Friday, July 22, 2011

Ingenious Friday: Who wears T-shirts... I wear T-shirts

So for today's Ingenious Friday, we are talking about a piece of clothing close to my heart.  Almost everyone of us has at least a few in our closets, and at times they can be a mandatory wardrobe when it comes to cleaning the house or working outside.  T-shirts have been the staple of clothing for years, so why not pull out that old t-shirt you haven't worn in ages and give it some new life?

So what can you do with an old t-shirt?

  • Tye-dye the t-shirt... Especially if it is a white t-shirt with stains.  Tye-dying will cover up all sins of a white t-shirt. 
  • Upcycle your t-shirt:  Turn it into a skirt, change the collar, make it sleeveless, turn it into a dress, and the list goes on!  What ever your mind can come up with, you can try it when upcycling your t-shirt.
  • Making a t-shirt memory quilt.  This does require some extra patience, since most t-shirts are mixed fabrics with spandex, cotton, polyester, and other ingredients.  When preparing to sew a t-shirt quilt, just remember not to pull too hard on the t-shirt fabric.  It can make it uneven.
  • Turn the t-shirts in to pillow cases.  Turn the t-shirt inside out, sew the arm holes and neckline shut and cut the sleeves off.  Works best with smaller pillows. 
  • Turn it into yarn!  This personally is my favorite, and why not?  Who doesn't love a good ball of yarn.  Just cut the t-shirt into consistent strips and either sew or knot the ends together.  
  • Make jewelry or hairpieces out of the old t-shirt.  
What will you do with your old t-shirt?

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